All Japan Fair: 4/13 (FRI) – 4/22 (SUN) – Limited Quantity

04.09.2018 | Category, Uncategorized

Our "All Japan Fair" starts this Friday, April 13th. Come try our various dishes from all around Japan! *Premium Sushi Trio (Sweet Shrimp, Snow Crab, Seared Salmon) *Nagasaki Bluefin Tuna (1pc) *Nagasaki Bluefin Toro (1pc) *Premium Kanpachi (2pcs) *Seared Japanese Beef (2pcs) *Yuzu Marinated Snapper (2pcs) *Shoyu Ramen ($5.80) *Jumbo Shrimp TenJyu ($6.80) *Sakura Ice Cream ...
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No April “All Japan Fair” (4/13 FRI ~ 4/22 SUN) at Rancho Cucamonga ONLY

04.02.2018 | Category, News

Our Kura store in Rancho Cucamonga, ONLY, will not be having any "ALL Japan Fair" items this April. We apologize for any inconvenience and deeply appreciate your understanding. All other locations will have Japan Fair items available....
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Hokkaido & Tohoku Fair starting next week!

03.09.2018 | Category, News

Hokkaido & Tohoku Fair starts from 3/16 (Fri) to 3/25 (Sun). Come try the natural flavors of Japan at Kura! *Premium Sushi Trio (Ikura, Sea Urchin, Real Crab Gunkan) *Snow Mountain Roll (3pcs) *Hokkaido Big Scallop (2pcs) *Raw Octopus (2pcs) *Seared Wagyu Beef (2pcs) *Seared Miso Salmon (2pcs) *Miso Ramen ($5.80) *Hokkaido Seafood Ojyu ($6.80) *Rich Chocolate Puddin...
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Kyushu Fair starting Friday!

02.12.2018 | Category, News

Kyushu Fair starts from 2/16 (Fri) to 2/25 (Sun). Come try the natural winter flavors of Japan at Kura! *Premium Sushi Trio (Toro, Snow Crab, Sea Urchin) *Nagasaki Bluefin Tuna (1pc) *Nagasaki Bluefin Toro (1pc) *Premium Kanpachi (2pcs) *Seared Japanese Beef (2pcs) *Albacore with Sesame Sauce (2pcs) *Tonkotsu Ramen ($5.80) *Crispy Chicken Ojyu ($5.80) *Sweet Kinako Cris...
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Kansai & Shikoku Fair starting Friday!

01.08.2018 | Category, News

Kansai & Shikoku Fair starts from 1/12 (Fri) to 1/21 (Sun) with limited quantity. Come try the natural winter flavors of Japan at Kura! *Premium Sushi Trio (3pcs) *Jumbo Date Bluefin Tuna (1pc) *Date Bluefin Toro (1pc) *Premium Red Snapper (2pcs) *Squid with Plum Sauce (2pcs) *Beef Udon ($5.20) *Seared Beef Ojyu ($6.80) *Kyoto Matcha Ice Cream ($3.20) ※Some it...
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All Japan Fair starting Friday!

12.11.2017 | Category, News

All Japan Fair starts from 12/15 (Fri) to 12/24 (Sun) at all locations. Come try the natural winter flavors of Japan at Kura! *Seared Sushi Trio (3pcs) *Date Bluefin Tuna (1pc) *Date Bluefin Toro (1pc) *Premium Amberjack (2pcs) *Yuzu Marinated Snapper (2pcs) *Seared Japanese Beef (2pcs) *Shoyu Ramen ($5.80) *Jumbo Shrimp Ten Jyu ($6.80) *Sakura Ice Cream ($3.20) ※A...
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New Sushi Taco Series

11.28.2017 | Category, News

New sushi tacos are added to our menu! Haven't tried them yet? They're made fresh by order so you can enjoy hot and crunchy sushi taco whenever you like. *Crunchy Taco *Spicy Crunchy Taco *Spicy Salmon Crunchy Taco *Spicy Tuna Crunchy Taco *Spider Taco ※Each plate is $2.50 in California & $2.25 in Texas/Georgia....
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Kura Sushi Plano on GMTX

11.15.2017 | Category, News

Our Plano restaurant was featured on Dallas ABC's "Good Morning Texas" on Monday! See the video at the link below:
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Hokkaido/Tohoku Fair starting Friday!

11.14.2017 | Category, News

Hokkaido/Tohoku Fair from 11/17 (Fri) to 11/26 (Sun) *Northern Sushi Trio (3pcs) *Hokkaido Big Scallop (2pcs) *Raw Octopus (2pcs) *Seared Miso Salmon (2pcs) *Seared Wagyu Beef (2pcs) *Miso Ramen ($5.80) *Hokkaido Seafood Ojyu ($5.80) *Hokkaido Chocolate Pudding ($3.20) *S'mores Tart ($3.20) ※Some items may not be available at certain locations. ※We do not take any r...
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Thanksgiving Business Hours

11.10.2017 | Category, News

It's finally a holiday season! Most of Kura restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Thursday with special hours. Open with regular hours: Irvine, Little Tokyo, Torrance, Sawtelle, San Diego, Cupertino, Plano, Carrollton Open with special hours (close at 8:00pm): Laguna Hills, Brea, Austin, Doraville, Westheimer Closed: Rancho Cucamonga...
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