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Why Kura?

Kura Corporation located in Osaka, Japan operates the revolving sushi restaurant chain “Muten Kura Sushi.” While we have over 385 locations across Japan, the corporation’s consolidated subsidiaries are constantly growing its businesses in both U.S. and Taiwan. Since our establishment, we take pride in providing fresh, natural, and authentic Japanese cuisine.
To serve safe and healthy dishes, none of our 200+ food ingredients include any of the major food additives including MSG. This is what differentiates Kura Sushi from other restaurants. We are proud to be the industry-leading company that adopts innovative technology and continuous improvements for a higher customer satisfaction.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar in Years

2009 1st location opened in Irvine, CA
2012 2nd location opened in Little Tokyo, CA
3rd location opened in Laguna Hills, CA
4th location opened in Torrance, CA
5th location opened in Brea, CA
6th location opened in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
2013 7th location opened in Sawtelle, CA
2015 8th location opened in San Diego, CA
2016 9th location opened in Cupertino, CA
10th location opened in Plano, TX
11th location opened in Carrollton, TX
2017 12th location opened in Austin, TX
13th location opened in Doraville, GA
14th location opened in Westheimer, TX
2018 15th location opened in Sugar Land, TX
16th location opened in Midtown, TX
17th location opened in Pleasanton, CA
18th location opened in Frisco, TX

What's Unique about Kura?

1) Our menu is not only limited to sushi. With more than 130 kinds of side dishes, customers can enjoy a variety of Japanese dishes beyond sushi.
2) Customers can easily place an order with a touch panel attached to each table at their own convenience. The ordered items are delivered directly to the customer’s table on the express lane above the revolving conveyer belt. A sushi item arrives within a minute and a side menu in about four minutes.
3) The sushi cover “Mr. Fresh,” originally invented by our parent company, covers the dishes with the lid, and all plates revolve without any contact of other customers. “Mr. Fresh” allows the customers to take the plate without touching the cover and always keeps the sushi fresh.
4) By inserting the empty plates into the slot on the side of the table, there will always be enough space for everyone on the table. The plates inserted will be counted and the screen displays the total number of the table, easing the payment process for customers.
5) A short animated video plays on the touch panel screen for every 5 plates inserted in the slot. When 15 plate are reached, customers win a Bikkura Pon prize from the machine above the table. Not only children but even adults will definitely enjoy this game-like system!

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