Hokkaido & Tohoku Fair starting next week!

03.09.2018 | Category, News

Hokkaido & Tohoku Fair starts from 3/16 (Fri) to 3/25 (Sun). Come try the natural flavors of Japan at Kura! *Premium Sushi Trio (Ikura, Sea Urchin, Real Crab Gunkan) *Snow Mountain Roll (3pcs) *Hokkaido Big Scallop (2pcs) *Raw Octopus (2pcs) *Seared Wagyu Beef (2pcs) *Seared Miso Salmon (2pcs) *Miso Ramen ($5.80) *Hokkaido Seafood Ojyu ($6.80) *Rich Chocolate Puddin...
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Kyushu Fair starting Friday!

02.12.2018 | Category, News

Kyushu Fair starts from 2/16 (Fri) to 2/25 (Sun). Come try the natural winter flavors of Japan at Kura! *Premium Sushi Trio (Toro, Snow Crab, Sea Urchin) *Nagasaki Bluefin Tuna (1pc) *Nagasaki Bluefin Toro (1pc) *Premium Kanpachi (2pcs) *Seared Japanese Beef (2pcs) *Albacore with Sesame Sauce (2pcs) *Tonkotsu Ramen ($5.80) *Crispy Chicken Ojyu ($5.80) *Sweet Kinako Cris...
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Kansai & Shikoku Fair starting Friday!

01.08.2018 | Category, News

Kansai & Shikoku Fair starts from 1/12 (Fri) to 1/21 (Sun) with limited quantity. Come try the natural winter flavors of Japan at Kura! *Premium Sushi Trio (3pcs) *Jumbo Date Bluefin Tuna (1pc) *Date Bluefin Toro (1pc) *Premium Red Snapper (2pcs) *Squid with Plum Sauce (2pcs) *Beef Udon ($5.20) *Seared Beef Ojyu ($6.80) *Kyoto Matcha Ice Cream ($3.20) ※Some it...
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All Japan Fair starting Friday!

12.11.2017 | Category, News

All Japan Fair starts from 12/15 (Fri) to 12/24 (Sun) at all locations. Come try the natural winter flavors of Japan at Kura! *Seared Sushi Trio (3pcs) *Date Bluefin Tuna (1pc) *Date Bluefin Toro (1pc) *Premium Amberjack (2pcs) *Yuzu Marinated Snapper (2pcs) *Seared Japanese Beef (2pcs) *Shoyu Ramen ($5.80) *Jumbo Shrimp Ten Jyu ($6.80) *Sakura Ice Cream ($3.20) ※A...
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New Sushi Taco Series

11.28.2017 | Category, News

New sushi tacos are added to our menu! Haven't tried them yet? They're made fresh by order so you can enjoy hot and crunchy sushi taco whenever you like. *Crunchy Taco *Spicy Crunchy Taco *Spicy Salmon Crunchy Taco *Spicy Tuna Crunchy Taco *Spider Taco ※Each plate is $2.50 in California & $2.25 in Texas/Georgia....
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Kura Sushi Plano on GMTX

11.15.2017 | Category, News

Our Plano restaurant was featured on Dallas ABC's "Good Morning Texas" on Monday! See the video at the link below:
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Hokkaido/Tohoku Fair starting Friday!

11.14.2017 | Category, News

Hokkaido/Tohoku Fair from 11/17 (Fri) to 11/26 (Sun) *Northern Sushi Trio (3pcs) *Hokkaido Big Scallop (2pcs) *Raw Octopus (2pcs) *Seared Miso Salmon (2pcs) *Seared Wagyu Beef (2pcs) *Miso Ramen ($5.80) *Hokkaido Seafood Ojyu ($5.80) *Hokkaido Chocolate Pudding ($3.20) *S'mores Tart ($3.20) ※Some items may not be available at certain locations. ※We do not take any r...
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Thanksgiving Business Hours

11.10.2017 | Category, News

It's finally a holiday season! Most of Kura restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Thursday with special hours. Open with regular hours: Irvine, Little Tokyo, Torrance, Sawtelle, San Diego, Cupertino, Plano, Carrollton Open with special hours (close at 8:00pm): Laguna Hills, Brea, Austin, Doraville, Westheimer Closed: Rancho Cucamonga...
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New Fall/Winter Menu Coming Soon!

10.19.2017 | Category, News

Fall/Winter new menu debuts on 10/27 (Fri)! Try our new items and tell us your favorite! At all stores: *Salmon Skin Nigiri *Premium American Beef Gunkan *Garlic Tuna Steak Gunkan *Baked Crab Cheese Roll ($3.20) *Baked Eel Avocado Roll ($3.20) *Baked Salmon Crunchy Roll ($3.20) *Garlic Ponzu Sashimi ($3.20) *Shrimp Stuffed Baked Avocado ($3.20) *Tantanmen ($5.80) *Vegetable Ten Jyu (...
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Kyushu Fair starting Friday!

10.10.2017 | Category, Uncategorized

Kyushu Fair starts from 10/13 (Fri) to 10/22 (Sun)! *Nagasaki Bluefin Tuna (1pc) *Nagasaki Bluefin Toro (1pc) *Striped Jack (1pc) *Kanpachi Yellowtail *Albacore with Sesame Sauce *Seared Wagyu Beef *Tonkotsu Ramen ($5.80) *Crispy Chicken  Ojyu ($5.80) *Golden Sweet Potato Tempura ($3.20) *Sweet Kinako Crispy Mochi ($3.20) ALL PLATES $2.50 AT CALIFORNIA & $2.25 AT TEXAS...
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